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Finesse Hockey Video Training Membership

For a special introductory price of $45/month, you will gain access to 4 videos per week that focus on developing and improving your hockey skills, including stickhandling, passing, and shooting.

You will be taught the fundamentals for each of the skills and be forced to become proficient with them in order to move forward. Not only do you need to become proficient in the skills, but you will be required to put your skill to the test, under pressure. A video submission of you performing the daily skill will need to be uploaded to our platform for critique and approval in order to move on to the next week.

This program is intended for you to practice the daily skill for at least 20 minutes to become proficient in the skill before you take and submit your video. We want to see your best videos; hopefully of you mastering the skill! So please limit your videos to around 20 seconds of your best work.

When submitting your videos, you will find an upload section for each individual skill. Please wait to upload all your videos at one time, even though you complete them throughout the week. We will only be able to unlock your next weeks and level once you have uploaded all the videos for the current week.

The layout of our skill development program is designed to hold athletes accountable for their development as well as to provide feedback and encouragement along the way. As your coaches, we are there with you every step of the way and will challenge you to become the best athlete you can possibly be!

Price: $45/month

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  • After you payment is submitted, you will be brought back to our site to complete your profile and start the program
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